A Brief History of the Murders of the "Three Joes"

The Spring Creek raid, also known as the Ten Sleep Murders or the Ten Sleep Raid, occurred in 1909 and was the last and deadliest Sheep War conflict in the State of Wyoming’s history.  

On the night of April 2, sheepherder Joseph Allemand and four of his associates were encamped along Spring Creek, near the town of Ten Sleep, Wyoming when a group of seven masked cattlemen attacked the sheepmen and murdered Joe Allemand, Joe Emge and Jules (Joe) Lazier.

Location of the Memorial and Burial Site

The memorial and  burial site of “TheThree Joes” is located about 10 miles east of the Red Reflet Ranch located on Spring Creek Road also known as County Road 58. The cemetery is on private property and visitors are advised to contact the current owners of the property for visitation rights.