Bonanza Cemetery Entrance Gate

Bonanza, Wyoming today is a ghost town.  Nothing remains except the cemetery.  Early settlers (mid-1880’s) in this part of the Big Horn Basin discovered a natural oil seep which was used to lubricate their wagon wheels.  Hopes and rumors ran high that a “Bonanza” oil field had indeed been found but drilling rigs came and within a few days left the area.  The only existing evidence of the town is the cemetery and the postoffice which was moved to “Old Trail Town” near Cody, Wyoming.

Those buried here were mostly original settlers or their next generation.  

Location: The cemetery is located about 8 miles west of Hyattville at the junction of Hwy 31 and Road 31 1/2 .  Turn south on road 31 1/2 and look for the fenced cemetery on the west side of the road.



Boyd, Delvina Pearl18821925ObitStone
Conant, Albert A. "Pap"18381905Obit
Diehl, Baby19021902 ObitStone
Madden, Pete?1893ObitStone
Madden, (Brother of Pete)ObitStone
Mayer, BabyObitStone
Mayer, Donna Jean19281929Obit
Mayer, Mavin I.1937Obit
Mayer, Nora Rose19031917ObitStone
Mayer, Pearl19081910ObitStone
Mayer, Robert I.1930Obit
Mayer, Samuel1915Obit
Mayer, Vera M.1928ObitStone
Mayer, Vernon I.1925Obit
?, Winona Mary19331933Obit
McDermott, Baby18891891Obit
McDermott, Mr. (James?)ObitStone
McDermott, Mrs. (Mary?)ObitStone
Paumer, Baby19141914ObitStone
Paumer, John B.19101981 Obit
Paumer, Josephine18741928ObitStone
Paumer, WIlliam18581940ObitStone
Paumer, Mike A.19071988Obit
Rettinghouse, Dora E.18921918ObitStone
Rettinghouse, Elizabeth18631894ObitStone
Rettinghouse, Encil A.18881903ObitStone
Rettinghouse, J. F. ObitStone
Rettinghouse, John18701936Obit
Rettinghouse, M.ObitStone
Rettinghouse, Mary E.19091918ObitStone
Rettinghouse, William Andrew18531931ObitStone
Rettinghouse, William F.19131919ObitStone
Sheldon, SamObitStone
Taylor, (Adult )Obit
Taylor, Charles E.18891900ObitStone
Taylor, LonObitStone